MyChiroCorrection is now MyMisalignment! See what's new.


Your Clinic – Your Technique

My ChiroCorrection is personalized to your own clinic and the exacting animation of your patient’s misalignment is based on your specific technique and listing protocol.

The Most Powerful Patient Education System Available

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!” Input your patient’s listings with easy to use drop down boxes, click on “show misalignment” and your patient will see their spine misalign into the exact pattern you’ve just analyzed on their x-ray images. Click “Show Correction” and the animation demonstrate the correction.

Fun and Interactive Education

My ChiroCorrection tells the story of your patient’s subluxation and its deleterious affects on health as they click through seven easily accessed pages. Each page provides a different visual perspective and a bite-sized narrative description.


My ChiroCorrection replaces rather long, boring and outdated print materials that cost most clinics upwards of $100 a month. And $5 from your low monthly subscription fee is donated to the upper cervical research organization of your choice.

A View From All Perspectives

  1. Frontal Plane
  2. Transverse Plane
  3. Close-up View of Atlas and Brainstem
  4. Body Imbalance/Short Leg
  5. Autonomic Nervous System
  6. Phases of Degeneration – New Feature

Add Pages – Edit Content

From the password protected dashboard you can edit any of the content in My ChiroCorrection. If you don’t like something, simply change it! Adding or deleting pages is as easy as a few clicks.

Presentation Mode

Speaking to a group or teaching a class? Click on the presentation mode and you have access to all animations without the accompanying narrative. Our visuals are a sure way to hit a home run with your audience

Accessed From Your Website

Your custom crafted My ChiroCorrection site is accessed through an assigned URL. This enables you link to it right from your own clinic website and access it anywhere an internet connection is available.

Promotes chiropractic as the care of choice for healthy living

This innovative and professional patient education system enhances your report of findings, eliminates questions and doubt, increases patient compliance to your care recommendations, eliminates push-back from spouses and promotes referrals.
Order today and watch your practice grow!