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Grow Your Practice

The Key to Exponential Growth

The public doesn’t really understand chiropractic! They know the dentist and the medical doctor but they don’t know chiropractic; and most people are afraid of what they don’t know! For people to visit your clinic you must show them exactly what you do and how you can help them. External marketing brings people to your practice but exponential growth requires you to teach those patients how to share with others. My ChiroCorrection combines today’s interactive visual technology with proven and effective ways to “show” patients what Upper Cervical Chiropractic really is.

Report of Findings

My ChiroCorrection is extremely effective when you incorporate it into your report of findings. Here is a step-by-step outline:

  1. Enter listings from x-ray analysis onto listing card.
  2. Begin ROF from the home page of your website.
  3. Enter patients name (people like to see their name).
  4. When you click on “Existing Patient”, remind them they can send others who are not patients yet to the visitor page when they wonder how you have gotten such great results (plant the seed for referrals).
  5. Enter the listing information from card (feel free to let them know when any aspect of the misalignment is rather nasty). Inform them that you will send them home with the card. It is very important that you include this statement: “(Patient Name), your spouse is probably going to want to know about your visit today and you definitely want your spouse to understand what you have been going through. So make sure you sit your spouse or significant other down in front of the computer and make them go through this!”
  6. Firmly instruct them that their homework is to read all content in each page so that they can understand how this problem is affecting their problem, overall body posture, energy and even their health; and why it is imperative that we get this problem fixed!
  7. Go through each page clicking on the correction and misalignment buttons in each page. Be sure to comment again on any aspect of their misalignment that is more severe. Tie in their specific complaint where appropriate. For example, if their primary complaint is lower back pain, when viewing the body imbalance animation, click on the misalignment and correction buttons a few times and assure them when the upper neck is out, the entire spine is out of balance; the upper cervical correction is a correction of their entire spine.
  8. On the autonomic nervous system page, be sure you scroll from bottom up and leave the cursor on the atlas while reminding them that the upper neck has a global effect on the nervous system.
  9. After reviewing the phases of degeneration page, remind the patient that the difference between someone who is 75 years old and on the golf course vs. someone who is 75 years old and pushing a walker, all you have to is look at their spine and what level of degeneration they have.
  10. Then show them their x-rays to confirm all of the findings you just demonstrated. It will reaffirm their problem and add credibility to your report.

Direct Referrals

Patients often ask the upper cervical doctor, “I wish I could get people to understand what you do. I tell people all the time and they just don’t seem to get it. I usually get the “been there done that response.”” No longer do you have to scratch your head wondering how your patients can reach these people. Simply instruct your patient to log onto your MCC site and show that person how what you do is so much different. You’ll be amazed at how many more referrals your patients will produce.

Health Talks/Screenings

My ChiroCorrection provides a powerful visual during health talks, screenings and patient orientation classes. Anywhere you have an internet connection you can use My ChiroCorrection to demonstrate the postural and neurological implications of the Upper Cervical Subluxation. You will see the “lightbulbs” turn on in your audience as you show them how their spine misaligns, affecting posture and the nervous system. Our new presentation mode allows you to access the powerful visuals without the accompanying narrative.

Reactivating Patients

Send listing cards to 5-10 inactive patients a week and instruct them to view their misalignment on MCC. This puts your clinic on their “radar screen” and reminds them of the importance of a balanced spine. Inactive patients will be impressed with the technology and even if they’re still doing well, you’ll see more referrals from this commonly untapped base.